This book takes you on a proverbial archeological quest to uncover the true meaning of biblical tithing to end all false teachings that have robbed millions of their wealth in the biggest ecclesiastical ponzi scheme ever manufactured in the annuls of biblical and church history.

KLEPTOMANIAC, Who's Really Robbing God Anyway is a trek through the pages of the Bible to find the untwisted truth about the centuries-old false teachings on tithes and offerings. Every page of this book has information that will make you become an analyst in discovering what tithing is in the Old and New Testament. It takes you on a epic theological quest to define the word tithe and then breaks down the differences between giving and tithing as the Bible instructs. Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway challenges modern tithing assumptions and puts them under the microscope of scripture for examination to rightly and narrowly define tithing as food and clean animals from inside the land of Israel. Contextually, true biblical tithing was never included crafts or trades and this books proves tithing biblically limited to livestock and crops.
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