Ultimate Urban Erotica Series Book 1

Tracee A. Hanna author of, The Masquerade Party, featured in the New York Times Best Selling anthology, Caramel Fava, edited by Zane, and, Chocolate Cream, included in Zane's anthology, Honey Flava, presents her explicitly written erotic novella, Ultimate Freak Fest fantasy. How lovely would it be to have a person in your life that you can truly be yourself with? No matter what, no matter who; this person will always be your friend and confidant. Imagine if you could make our sexual fantasies a reality without disparagement or judgment. Ultimate Freak-fest Fantasy is an explicitly written erotic novella exploring the love, lust and wildly experimental sex life of a man and woman who have been more than best friends for years. Samson and Bella fill their days and nights satisfying each other's passionate desires during a hedonistic vacation to Jamaica. However their cherished friendship is put to the test when Samson wants more. www.MissTracee.com
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